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HEXO announces filing of preliminary base shelf prospectus
(Globe Newswire / 2018-11-09)

HEXO formalizes its Belleville presence, establishing a centre of excellence for cannabis-based products and creating jobs in the region
(Globe Newswire / 2018-10-31)

Medical patients’ access to Hydropothecary cannabis products remains a priority for HEXO Corp
(Globe Newswire / 2018-10-30)

HEXO reports fiscal 2018 fourth quarter results
(Globe Newswire / 2018-10-26)

HEXO wins prestigious Quebec job creation award for second consecutive year
(Globe Newswire / 2018-10-25)

HEXO rises up to the challenge of higher than expected demand for cannabis
(Globe Newswire / 2018-10-22)

October 17: Business as usual at HEXO
(Globe Newswire / 2018-10-17)

Molson Coors Canada and HEXO Launch Truss
(Globe Newswire / 2018-10-04)

HEXO Corp. goes global, establishes Greek manufacturing facilities for distribution throughout Europe, including France and the UK
(Globe Newswire / 2018-09-26)

HEXO Corp. ships historic first adult-use cannabis order
(Globe Newswire / 2018-09-25)

HEXO supports the Gastrointestinal Society cannabis education program
(Globe Newswire / 2018-09-20)

HEXO Awarded Three Year Distribution Contract for Quebec On-Line Cannabis Distribution, Selects Metro as Third-Party Logistics Partner
(Globe Newswire / 2018-09-19)

HEXO Bolsters Management Team, Appoints Two New VPs
(Globe Newswire / 2018-09-18)

HEXO acquires interest in 2M sq. ft. facility in Belleville, Ontario to create R&D and manufacturing centre of excellence
(Globe Newswire / 2018-09-10)

HEXO Corp. confirms no material change
(Globe Newswire / 2018-09-07)

The Hydropothecary Corporation Changes Name to HEXO Corp. and Announces Voting Results from Special Meeting of Shareholders
(Globe Newswire / 2018-08-29)

HEXO Reaches Supply Agreement with Ontario Cannabis Store
(Globe Newswire / 2018-08-20)

HEXO Celebrates Five Years, 200 Employees … and Growing!
(Globe Newswire / 2018-08-16)

HEXO Applauds the Ontario Governments Proposed Retail Framework
(Globe Newswire / 2018-08-14)

HEXO Harvests First Plants in 250,000 sq. ft. Greenhouse Expansion
(Globe Newswire / 2018-08-09)

Molson Coors Canada and HEXO Announce Agreement to Create Joint Venture Focused on Non-Alcoholic, Cannabis-Infused Beverages for the Canadian Market
(Globe Newswire / 2018-08-01)

HEXO Supports Privatization of Retail Cannabis in Ontario
(Globe Newswire / 2018-07-27)

HEXO Makes Strategic Investment in Premier Western Canadian Retail Cannabis Operation, Fire & Flower
(Globe Newswire / 2018-07-26)

HEXO Reaches Major Milestone in Ongoing Expansion Plans
(Globe Newswire / 2018-07-23)

Hydropothecary ‘gets intimate’ with release of Fleur de Lune, its first medical cannabis oil for personal use
(Globe Newswire / 2018-07-16)

HEXO Announces Stock Option Grants to Directors, Officers and Employees
(Globe Newswire / 2018-07-11)

HEXO reaches supply agreement with BC’s Liquor Distribution Branch
(Globe Newswire / 2018-07-11)

Six Zones of HEXO’s 250,000 sq. ft. Greenhouse Expansion Now Fully Licensed and Operational
(Globe Newswire / 2018-07-03)

Hydropothecary reports fiscal 2018 third quarter results
(Globe Newswire / 2018-06-28)

HEXO receives licensing for two more zones in 250,000 sq. ft. greenhouse expansion
(Globe Newswire / 2018-06-26)

The Hydropothecary Corporation Announces Graduation to the TSX, Shareholder Meeting for Rebranding to HEXO
(Globe Newswire / 2018-06-21)

Hydropothecary receives its first phase of licensing for 250,000 sq. ft. greenhouse expansion
(Globe Newswire / 2018-06-14)

Hydropothecary Announces Acceleration of Warrant Expiry Date
(Globe Newswire / 2018-05-25)

Hydropothecary launches a new brand for recreational cannabis: Introducing HEXO
(Globe Newswire / 2018-05-24)

Hydropothecary to Host Investor Day in NYC
(Globe Newswire / 2018-05-07)

Hydropothecary supports women cannabis entrepreneurs at Women Grow Toronto “4/20” featuring Arlene Dickinson
(Globe Newswire / 2018-04-19)

Hydropothecary Announces Stock Option Grants to Officers and Employees
(Globe Newswire / 2018-04-16)

Hydropothecary signs 5-year preferred supplier agreement with SAQ, for an estimated volume of 200,000kg
(Globe Newswire / 2018-04-11)

Hydropothecary reports fiscal 2018 second quarter results; achieves revenue visibility and business certainty for the first year following cannabis legalization
(Globe Newswire / 2018-03-28)

Hydropothecary selects Shopify to power ecommerce services for medical and recreational cannabis markets
(Globe Newswire / 2018-03-20)

Hydropothecary partners with Segra to scale-up production in preparation for cannabis legalization
(Globe Newswire / 2018-03-16)

Hydropothecary bolsters management team in preparation for recreational cannabis
(Globe Newswire / 2018-03-13)

Significant price reduction for Hydropothecary’s popular Elixir THC spray
(Globe Newswire / 2018-03-06)

Hydropothecary signs letter of intent to supply Québec market
(Globe Newswire / 2018-02-14)

Hydropothecary launches Elixir CBD Peppermint - Canada's first CBD medical cannabis oil mist
(Marketwired / 2018-02-01)

Hydropothecary Closes Offering of Units for $149.5 Million
(Marketwired / 2018-01-30)

Hydropothecary Announces Results of Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders
(Marketwired / 2018-01-18)

Hydropothecary Announces Upsize of Previously Announced Offering
(Cision / 2018-01-08)

Hydropothecary Announces $100 Million Public Offering
(Cision / 2018-01-08)

Hydropothecary Announces Acceleration of Warrant Expiry Date
(Marketwired / 2018-01-02)

Hydropothecary reports fiscal 2018 first quarter results ending October 31, 2017 as cash inventory cost per gram declines to $0.89
(Marketwired / 2017-12-21)

Hydropothecary Announces Conversion of $69 Million Debentures and Engagement of Market Maker
(Marketwired / 2017-12-15)

Hydropothecary announces expansion plans to increase production capacity to 108,000 kilograms per year of dried cannabis
(Marketwired / 2017-12-12)

Hydropothecary Announces Stock Option Grants to Directors and Employees
(Marketwired / 2017-12-04)

Hydropothecary awarded Best New Cannabis Product at inaugural Canadian Cannabis Awards
(Marketwired / 2017-12-01)

Hydropothecary supports Quebec's Bill 157 in historic appearance before government hearings on recreational cannabis
(Marketwired / 2017-11-30)

Hydropothecary Closes Offering of Convertible Debenture Units for $69 Million
(Marketwired / 2017-11-24)

Hydropothecary Announces Conversion of $25.1 Million Debentures
(Marketwired / 2017-11-22)

Hydropothecary Signals Support for Quebec's Bill 157
(Marketwired / 2017-11-16)

Hydropothecary Announces Stock Option Grants to Directors and Employees
(Marketwired / 2017-11-06)

Hydropothecary releases versatile Decarb Micro THC and Decarb Micro CBD medical marijuana powders at $3 per gram
(Marketwired / 2017-11-03)

Hydropothecary Announces Bought Deal Offering to be Extended to Quebec
(Marketwired / 2017-11-02)

The Hydropothecary Corporation Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2017 Financial Results
(Marketwired / 2017-11-02)

Hydropothecary Announces Offering of $50 Million Convertible Debenture Units
(Newswire / 2017-10-30)

Hydropothecary Announces Upsize of Previously Announced Offering
(Newswire / 2017-10-30)

Hydropothecary Receives Expanded Cannabis Storage Licence
(Marketwired / 2017-10-17)

Hydropothecary breaks ground on 250,000 sq. ft. expansion, expects to add 100 jobs to the Gatineau, Quebec economy
(Marketwired / 2017-10-12)

Hydropothecary announces it anticipates construction of its new 250,000 sq. ft. greenhouse to be completed for July 1, 2018
(Marketwired / 2017-10-12)

Hydropothecary wins prestigious Quebec Job Creation Award
(Marketwired / 2017-10-06)

Hydropothecary appoints Nathalie Bourque to its Board of Directors
(Marketwired / 2017-10-05)

Hydropothecary announces kosher certification on processed medical marijuana products
(Marketwired / 2017-09-19)

Hydropothecary Announces Stock Option Grants to Officers and Employees
(Marketwired / 2017-09-08)

Hydropothecary appoints former BC Health Minister, Dr. Terry Lake, as VP of Corporate Social Responsibility Former VP of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Pierre Killeen, also appointed Hydropothecary's VP of Corporate Communications and Government Relations
(Marketwired / 2017-08-31)

Hydropothecary Enters into Agreement to Build a 250,000 sq. ft. Expanded Production Facility
(Marketwired / 2017-08-22)

Hydropothecary announces release of Honeydew, one of Canada's highest legal CBD:THC ratio products to date
(Marketwired / 2017-08-15)

Hydropothecary launches Elixir No. 1, Canada's only legal sublingual oil based medical cannabis mouth spray
(Marketwired / 2017-07-31)

Canadian Innovation: Hydropothecary Corporation set to release Canada's first-ever medical cannabis mouth spray
(Marketwired / 2017-07-25)

Hydropothecary Announces Stock Option Grants to Directors, Officers and Employees
(Marketwired / 2017-07-25)

Hydropothecary Closes $25.1 Million Bought Deal Private Placement of Convertible Debenture Units
(Marketwired / 2017-07-18)

The Hydropothecary Corporation Announces Q3 2017 Results
(Marketwired / 2017-06-29)

Hydropothecary Announces Upsize of Previously Announced Bought Deal Private Placement Financing to $25.0 million
(Marketwired / 2017-06-27)

Hydropothecary Announces $20 Million Bought Deal Private Placement of Convertible Debenture Units
(Newswire / 2017-06-27)

Hydropothecary Receives Expanded Cannabis Production and Sales Licence and Approval for Two New Buildings
(Marketwired / 2017-06-22)

Hydropothecary Announces Change of Auditor
(Marketwired / 2017-06-13)

Hydropothecary Announces Results of Investigation and Expansion of Voluntary Product Recall of Dried Cannabis
(Marketwired / 2017-06-05)

Hydropothecary Announces Reintroduction of Products for Sale and Voluntary Product Recall
(Marketwired / 2017-05-16)

The Hydropothecary Corporation Announces Precautionary Voluntary Stop-Sale of Cannabis
(Marketwired / 2017-05-02)

The Hydropothecary Corporation today welcomed moves by the Government of Canada to legalize, regulate and restrict access to cannabis through the proposed Cannabis Act
(Marketwired / 2017-04-20)

Hydropothecary Announces Conversion of Secured Convertible Debt
(MarketWatch / 2017-04-11)

The Hydropothecary Corporation Announces Q2 2017 Results
(Marketwired / 2017-04-04)

Hydropothecary Announces Expansion of Team and Conversion of Convertible Debt
(Marketwired / 2017-03-30)

The Hydropothecary Corporation Receives License to Sell Cannabis Oil
(Marketwired / 2017-03-29)

The Hydropothecary Corporation to Begin Trading on the TSX Venture Exchange
(Marketwired / 2017-03-21)

The Hydropothecary Corporation Announces Closing of Qualifying Transaction
(Marketwired / 2017-03-17)

BFK Capital Corp. and the Hydropothecary Corporation Announce TSXV Conditional Approval and Filing of Filing Statement
(Yahoo! Finance / 2017-02-28)

BFK Capital Corp. Announces Qualifying Transaction Extension and Update on Transaction with the Hydropothecary Corporation
(Sat Press Releases / 2017-02-17)

BFK Capital Corp. and The Hydropothecary Corporation Enter Into Business Combination Agreement
(Marketwired / 2016-12-22)

BFK Capital Corp. and the Hydropothecary Corporation Announce TSXV Conditional Approval and Filing of Filing Statement
(Yahoo! Finance / 2016-11-17)

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