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Hydropothecary is a licensed producer and distributor of medical marijuana under Heath Canada's Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

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The Hydropothecary Corporation's senior management team, select board members and shareholders open the TSX Venture Exchange on March 22, 2017.

News Releases

Hydropothecary announces release of Honeydew, one of Canada's highest legal CBD:THC ratio products to date
(Marketwired / 2017-08-15)

Hydropothecary annonce le lancement de Melon miel, l'un des produits ayant le plus haut rapport CBD/THC légal du Canada à ce jour
(Marketwired / 2017-08-15)

Hydropothecary launches Elixir No. 1, Canada's only legal sublingual oil based medical cannabis mouth spray
(Marketwired / 2017-07-31)

Hydropothecary présente Elixir No. 1, seul vaporisateur buccal contenant de la marijuana médicale légale à base d'huile de cannabis au Canada
(Marketwired / 2017-07-31)

Hydropothecary annonce l'octroi d'options d'achat d'actions à ses administrateurs, dirigeants et employés
(Marketwired / 2017-07-25)

Canadian Innovation: Hydropothecary Corporation set to release Canada's first-ever medical cannabis mouth spray
(Marketwired / 2017-07-25)

Innovation canadienne : la société Hydropothecary lance le premier vaporisateur buccal de cannabis médical au Canada
(Marketwired / 2017-07-25)

Hydropothecary Announces Stock Option Grants to Directors, Officers and Employees
(Marketwired / 2017-07-25)

Hydropothecary conclut un placement privé de 25,1 millions de dollars en débentures convertibles
(Marketwired / 2017-07-18)

Hydropothecary Closes $25.1 Million Bought Deal Private Placement of Convertible Debenture Units
(Marketwired / 2017-07-18)

The Hydropothecary Corporation Announces Q3 2017 Results
(Marketwired / 2017-06-29)

La société Hydropothecary annonce les résultats du troisième trimestre de 2017
(Marketwired / 2017-06-29)

Hydropothecary Announces Upsize of Previously Announced Bought Deal Private Placement Financing to $25.0 million
(Marketwired / 2017-06-27)

Hydropothecary Announces $20 Million Bought Deal Private Placement of Convertible Debenture Units
(Newswire / 2017-06-27)

Hydropothecary reçoit une licence élargie de production et de vente de cannabis et l'approbation de deux nouveaux bâtiments
(Marketwired / 2017-06-22)

Hydropothecary Receives Expanded Cannabis Production and Sales Licence and Approval for Two New Buildings
(Marketwired / 2017-06-22)

Hydropothecary Announces Change of Auditor
(Marketwired / 2017-06-13)

La société Hydropothecary annonce un changement d'auditeur
(Marketwired / 2017-06-13)

Hydropothecary annonce les résultats de l'enquête et l'expansion du rappel volontaire de produits de cannabis séché
(Marketwired / 2017-06-05)

Hydropothecary Announces Results of Investigation and Expansion of Voluntary Product Recall of Dried Cannabis
(Marketwired / 2017-06-05)

Hydropothecary annonce la réintroduction de produits à la vente et un rappel volontaire de produits
(Marketwired / 2017-05-16)

Hydropothecary Announces Reintroduction of Products for Sale and Voluntary Product Recall
(Marketwired / 2017-05-16)

La société Hydropothecary annonce les résultats pour le 2e trimestre 2017
(Marketwired / 2017-05-10)

The Hydropothecary Corporation Announces Precautionary Voluntary Stop-Sale of Cannabis
(Marketwired / 2017-05-02)

La société Hydropothecary annonce l'interruption préventive volontaire de la vente de cannabis
(Marketwired / 2017-05-02)

The Hydropothecary Corporation today welcomed moves by the Government of Canada to legalize, regulate and restrict access to cannabis through the proposed Cannabis Act
(Marketwired / 2017-04-20)

Hydropothecary annonce la conversion de sa dette convertible garantie
(Marketwired / 2017-04-11)

Hydropothecary Announces Conversion of Secured Convertible Debt
(MarketWatch / 2017-04-11)

The Hydropothecary Corporation Announces Q2 2017 Results
(Marketwired / 2017-04-04)

Hydropothecary annonce l'expansion de son équipe et la conversion d'obligations convertibles
(Marketwired / 2017-03-30)

Hydropothecary Announces Expansion of Team and Conversion of Convertible Debt
(Marketwired / 2017-03-30)

La société Hydropothecary reçoit une licence pour vendre de l'huile de cannabis
(Marketwired / 2017-03-29)

The Hydropothecary Corporation Receives License to Sell Cannabis Oil
(Marketwired / 2017-03-29)

The Hydropothecary Corporation to Begin Trading on the TSX Venture Exchange
(Marketwired / 2017-03-21)

La Société Hydropothecary fait Son entrée à la Bourse de croissance TSX
(Marketwired / 2017-03-21)

The Hydropothecary Corporation Announces Closing of Qualifying Transaction
(Marketwired / 2017-03-17)

BFK Capital Corp. and the Hydropothecary Corporation Announce TSXV Conditional Approval and Filing of Filing Statement
(Yahoo! Finance / 2017-02-28)

BFK Capital Corp. Announces Qualifying Transaction Extension and Update on Transaction with the Hydropothecary Corporation
(Sat Press Releases / 2017-02-17)

BFK Capital Corp. and The Hydropothecary Corporation Enter Into Business Combination Agreement
(Marketwired / 2016-12-22)

BFK Capital Corp. and the Hydropothecary Corporation Announce TSXV Conditional Approval and Filing of Filing Statement
(Yahoo! Finance / 2016-11-17)

Hydropothecary Transfer Agent

TSX Trust Company
200 University Avenue, Suite 300
Toronto ON M5H 4H1
Phone: 1-866-600-5869

Investor Relations Contact

The Hydropothecary Corporation
120 chemin de la rive
Gatineau, QC J8M 1V2
1-866-438-THCX (8429)

Shobana Thaya
Investor Relations


Dr. Michael Munzar, M.D. / Chairman of the Board

Our clients can count on our commitment to science thanks to our medical director, Dr. Michael Munzar.

Over three decades as a licensed physician, Dr. Munzar has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, managed medical facilities, and designed and conducted pre-clinical studies and clinical trials, all while working in areas spanning health care, from geriatrics to psychiatry.

The quality of production and direction of our research programs depend upon Dr. Munzar’s leadership.

Sébastien St. Louis / Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sébastien brings sharp insight into what’s needed to create and build successful businesses. First as a regional manager at EDC and then as a senior account manager at BDC, Sébastien provided advice to hundreds of businesses across almost every industry.

He also served as CFO for a manufacturing firm, doubling sales to $10 million in a single year while preparing it for public sale. Sébastien is fluent bilingual and comfortable speaking in English or French with health professionals, business leaders and government officials.

Sébastien holds an MBA, finance from the Université du Québec à Montréal and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Ottawa.

Adam Miron / Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer

For nearly a decade, Adam’s arena has been the world of media, both old and new. Adam is the co-founder of, Canada’s premier online political newspaper.

Nearly every major publisher in Canada has at one time called on him to create and implement media strategies. Adam uniquely combines business acumen with tech savvy and a knack for getting things done.

Through his leadership, Hydropothecary continues to tap the latest technologies, exploiting traditional and online media to grow the brand and the company.

Jason Ewart / Director

Jason has been the Chief Executive Officer of GC-Global Capital Corp. since June 2004, as well as Director and Chief Operating Officer since July 2003. Jason was a market analyst with A&E Capital Funding Inc. and Bradstone Equity Partners Inc. between 1998 and 2002 and Vice-President of Quest Investment Corporation between 2002 and 2003.

Jason has experience with bridge financing, financial analysis, quantitative modeling, equities trading and mergers and acquisitions. He holds an economics degree from McGill University.

Vincent Chiara / Board Member

Vincent Chiara, President and sole owner of Group Mach, began his career in 1984 as a lawyer specializing in real estate transactions and corporate litigation. In 1999 he stopped practicing law and focused on the acquisition and development of property through Group Mach, a private holding company.

Mach and its controlled corporations hold significant investments representing more than 6.5 million square feet of office buildings located in Montreal and in the province of Quebec, including the Stock Exchange Tower, the CIBC Tower, the Sun Life Building and the University Complex.

In the Montreal area, Group Mach has developed and renovated more than 1 million square feet of office space, owns shopping centres in the Montreal region with a leasable area of over 2.5 million square feet and 7 million square feet of industrial space, development properties and land for development.

In 2016, Group Mach’s portfolio, including co-owned properties exceeds 16 million square feet and more than 2,000 rental units.


Ed Chaplin / Chief Financial Officer

During Ed’s eighteen years working within high growth companies, he learned a thing or two about Corporate Financing and Governance.

Ed was actively involved in due diligence and integration of six acquisitions worth a total of $378 million. He led the financial integration of a $220 million acquisition and developed a global finance organization to meet the needs of the new company.

Ed helped Corel raise $480 million in debt and equity while managing an SEC registration statement for a cross border IPO on both the NASDAQ and TSX.

Ed oversees the day-to-day financials of Hydropothecary, as well as the journey towards a potential IPO.

Dr. Shane Morris / Vice-President, Quality Assurance and Scientific Affairs

Dr. Morris joined Hydropothecary as Vice-President, Stakeholder Relations and Scientific Affairs in July 2015. He took over responsibility for Quality Assurance in November 2016 and became designated under the ACMPR as the senior person in charge (SPIC) in September 2016.

Prior to joining Hydropothecary he held various senior positions with the Government of Canada since 2005, including most recently serving as Director, Policy Leadership and Reporting at the Major Projects Management Office at Natural Resources Canada.

Dr. Morris has fifteen years of experience at the science-policy interface working on high profile risk issues within the Canadian public service. He has held senior positions and executive appointments at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Public Health Agency of Canada, and Treasury Board Secretariat where he advised cabinet on regulatory issues. Dr. Morris holds a doctorate from the National University of Ireland in biotechnology and publishes/lectures widely in the area of regulation, risk and policy.

James McMillan / VP, Business Development

For 19 years, James has traveled the world as a sales, marketing and business development leader whose expertise led to exceptionally strong results for a range of high performing technology firms.

With a strong background in market development and OEM engagements, James’s focus is on establishing excellent relationships and creating steady market expansion.

James uses his extensive background in sales and business development to firmly establish and expand Hydropothecary’s place in the Canadian market.

Arno Groll / Director of Operations

In his role as Director of Operations, Arno Groll is responsible for all operations on site.

Arno started his career as an industrial engineer at Lam Research Corporation, where he spent 10 years and gained experience in progressive roles in Austria and Singapore, ending as a Director of Global Business Operations.

Most recently, Arno was Quality and Process Excellence Manager for one of the largest global suppliers of technology for food processing and other process industries, GEA Refrigeration Canada. In this role, Arno directed procedures and delivered high-caliber support for sophisticated production methods, while ensuring operational alignment with all local and global regulations.

Agnes Kwasniewska / Master Grower

Agnes is Master Grower for Hydropothecary, where she has overall responsibility for the quality of our medical marijuana, produced to uncompromising standards.

Formerly a researcher at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and an assistant researcher and field monitor at PRISME Consortium, Agnes has over nine years of progressive experience in Agriculture, Environment and Research roles. In her most recent role as Assistant Grower at Flora Plus Inc. Agnes oversaw the production of 1,000,000 sq feet of flowers including propagation, environmental systems, integrated pest management and R&D.

Agnes holds a Masters of Science Degree from McGill University and has authored specialized research on integrated pest management.

Max Cyr / Director of Client Services

As Director of Customer Experience, Max leads a team responsible for delivering Hydropothecary’s best-in-industry customer service, and ensures Hydropothecary’s strict adherence to guidelines set out by Health Canada related to patient access of medical marijuana.

Max is the former Supervisor for the MMAR Police and Client Services at Health Canada, where he oversaw a team of over 20 officials responsible for communicating and policing various aspects of the Marihuana Medical Access Program and Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR), as well as the 24/7 police services hotline.

Edward Nehme / Controller

In his role as Controller for Hydropothecary, Edward is responsible for the company's financial and accounting functions.

Edward began his career as an auditor / accountant at KPMG and Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. Since then he has had seven years of progressive industry experience working at Allen-Vanguard, Momentous and Drytech International in corporate services roles. Edward is a CPA, CMA and has a Bachelor of Commerce form Carleton University.

Sedar Filling

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Hydropothecary’s transfer agent?

Hydropothecary’s transfer agent is
TSX Trust Company
200 University Avenue, Suite 300
Toronto ON M5H 4H1
Phone: 1-866-600-5869

How do I change my address?

Investors may change their address through TMX Trust, Hydropothecary’s transfer agent by following the instructions below:

Authorization from the registered shareholder is required to change your mailing address. Please provide the following details to help us identify your account:

  • Name of the company - “The Hydropothecary Corporation”
  • Name of shareholder as listed on the stock certificate or Direct Registration System (DRS) statement
  • Previous address
  • New address

Send these details by:

TSX Trust Company
200 University Ave, Suite 300
Toronto, ON M5H 4H1


416 361 0470
Attn: Investor Services

TSX Trust
200 University Avenue, Suite 300
Toronto ON M5H 4H1
Phone: 1-866-600-5869

I lost my share certificate. What do I do?

If a stock certificate is lost, destroyed, misplaced or stolen, it must be reported to our transfer agent right away. You will be asked to provide written notice by email (, fax (416-361-0470 Attn: Investor Services) or mail.

TSX Trust
200 University Avenue, Suite 300
Toronto ON M5H 4H1

It is important that you identify the name of the issuer (i.e. “The Hydropothecary Corporation”), the certificate number(s) and number of shares in your letter. Upon receipt of the written request, the transfer agent will place a temporary stop against the certificate(s) to prevent any unauthorized transfer of the shares. They will send you the necessary replacement paperwork which includes the purchasing of a Lost Security Surety Bond calculated at a percentage of the market value of the securities being replaced and the completion of an Affidavit of Loss and Agreement to Indemnity.

Does your company have analyst calls?

Hydropothecary does not conduct analyst calls which are open to the public at this time. If you have questions, please email

How do I exercise my warrants?

Warrants are exercised by contacting us at

How do I vote my shares on the BFK Qualifying Transaction?

If you have any questions about the procedures for submitting your Form of Proxy or voting, you should contact

TSX Trust
200 University Avenue, Suite 300
Toronto ON M5H 4H1
Phone: 1-866-600-5869

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